Gruppi di Conversazione in Lingua Inglese

Ogni settimana si tratterà una tema diversa. Qui potete vederli, scaricarli e stamparli. Siccome ogni sede ha una tempistica diversa, potete telefonare per avere informazioni a quella più vicina a voi.

  1. Introducing Yourself
  2. Talking about your Family
  3. Asking for Help with English
  4. Saying a Prayer in English
  5. Sharing Your Personal Information
  6. Shopping for Clothes
  7. Talking About Your Health
  8. At the Post Office
  9. At the Supermarket
  10. Talking about your Home
  11. Renting a House or Appartment
  12. Getting Something Fixed
  13. Asking for Directions
  14. Sharing Your Beliefs
  15. Ordering at a Restaurant
  16. Using Public Transit
  17. At the Hair Salon
  18. At the Auto Parts Store
  19. Talking about your Hobbies
  20. Christmas, December 25th
  21. Family Night
  22. Talking About School
  23. Talking to your Boss
  24. Healthy Living
  25. Setting an Appointment
  26. Looking for a Job
  27. Interviewing for a Job
  28. Visiting the Doctor
  29. Talking About Your Feelings
  30. Talking About the Weather
  31. Inviting Someone to Your Home
  32. Attending Church
  33. Buying a Car
  34. Offering to Help
  35. Meeting Your Child's Teacher
  36. Opening a Checking Account
  37. Going to the Pharmacy
  38. Talking About Computers
  39. Using the Internet
  40. Studying the Scriptures
  41. Applying for a Loan
  42. Calling Work
  43. At the Airport
  44. Being Punctual
  45. Calling 911
  46. At the Dentist's Office
  47. At the Eye Doctor's Office
  48. Strengthing the Youth

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